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The digital campaign “Restarting the future”, promoted all across the European Union by Italian NGOs Libera and Gruppo Abele in cooperation with Avviso Pubblico, Mafia Nein Danke, Libera France, Anticor and Coordination Eau Île-de-France is supported by the main candidates for the European Commission Presidency - Martin Schulz for the Party of European Socialists (PES), Alexis Tsipras for the European Left, Josè Bové for The Greens.

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International Anti-Corruption Day - 
December 9th
Restarting The Future @EuroParliament

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International Anti-Corruption Day: Libera presents the European Agenda for fighting Mafia and Corruption in Brussels — 09.12.2014
63 MEPs against corruption: The European “white bracelets” in Strasbourg and Brussells Half of them in the S&D Group — 03.06.2014
EE2014 Almost 400 candidates from around Europe have joined the anti-corruption mobilization — 23.05.2014
More than 100k citizens and 100 candidates: the European campaign against corruption spreads over the Union — 09.05.2014
Transparency in the elections: Schulz, Tsipras, Bové support EU wide campaign in its fight against corruption — 30.04.2014


Movilización política y social con motivo del Día Internacional contra la Corrupción en el Parlamento Europeo — 09.12.2014
EE2014: Casi 400 candidatos de toda Europa se unen a la movilización anticorrupción — 23.05.2014
100.000 ciudadanos y 100 candidatos. La campaña europea en contra de la corrupción se extiende por la Unión Europea — 09.05.2014


63 Députés Européens contre la corruption. Les “bracelets blancs” européens à Strasbourg et à Bruxelles — 03.06.2014
EE2014: 400 candidats à travers l’Europe ont rejoint la campagne contre la corruption — 23.05.2014
De la Transparence dans les élections: Schulz, Tsipras et Bové soutiennent la campagne européenne de lutte contre la corruption — 09.05.2014